“Hollywood Glamour,” is a full service traveling salon based in Philadelphia, Pa, offering complete cosmetology services. Our services include basic shampoo and style, manicures, facials and make-up application. We also sell the best quality virgin hair, hair care products, make-up, jewelry and clothing. Hollywood Glamour isn’t an ordinary beauty salon. Our employees are well trained, caring, and patient. We are dedicated to provide excellent customer service, quality products, and comfortable atmosphere. Part of our job description is giving back to our community, for example, donating wigs to cancer patients, cleaning our neighborhoods, and providing make-over’s to people in shelters and self sufficiency programs. Those are the many of the charitable, acts of kindness.


Our Story

Hollywood Glamour is a small business founded in Philadelphia in June 2009. The founder, Lisa McKine-Gore enjoyed making people look and feel good at a very young age. She was a stylist and entrepreneur at heart. So after high school Lisa attended Clark Atlanta University to study business. She continued to do her friends hair while in her dorm room. The appreciation she got from her “clients” made Lisa feel good about her craft. There she volunteered for fashion shows and events to do hair and make-up. Lisa only attended CAU for that one year because she nor her family could afford her “out of state” education. But that didnt stop her. Lisa always knew that she would educated herself in the beauty field, she just didnt know it would come so soon. She enrolled herself at Empire Beauty School that next Fall. There she mastered the techniques, won many awards for creativity and was top of her class.

Lisa enrolled in business classes in her neighborhood and As time went past Lisa became her own brand: Hollywood Glamour “Star Studded Looks Brought to You”. HG’s goal is to enhance our customers’ natural beauty by providing stylish, affordable, and convenient salon services. They are dedicated in uplifting spirits, encouraging and supporting the neighborhoods they service. Hollywood Glamour devotes their time to please their clients, leaving them confident, revived, and eager to take upon new challenges.

Our Vision

Hollywood Glamour wants to be recognized as a “Business with a Cause”. Think about it. Who is your favorite celebrity? Do you follow them? Then you should know what foundations and charities that they frequently donate to? Well, the idea is the same. Here at Hollywood Glamour, our clients are the stars. We pride ourselves in giving back to the community. We believe a percentage of profit should be put back into the lives of others less fortunate.

Our Motto: To provide stylish, affordable and convenient salon services to the stars in our community while uplifting their spirits, and giving back to the community.